June 1st 2006
Today is the day that the SoCal Dirt Bike Fan site is launched. The site is designed to be a portal to sales partners as well as information in the area of recreational and street riding.
The site is also accompanied by a forum system that will, hopefully, bring the community together in a place that they can talk and share new information and idea's.
Dealer and Events
The Dealer and Event pages on            this site give you links to our       partner sites that are known for     good pricing as well as good        overall service. Any major               event in the area we hope to            have llisted
Parts                                                                               The parts page will have links to our partners that have extensive stock and modification part inventories.

Gear                                                                               The Gear page will provide links to our partner sites that have some of the best deals in town while also providing the newest fashions and technologies available